Definition & Meaning of "PACHS"

What does pachs mean? View the definition of pachs and all related slang terms containing pachs below:

pachs :
parents are coming home soon

Usage of PACHS

The abbreviation PACHS is commonly used among teenagers when communicating with their friends or siblings. It stands for "parents are coming home soon". This means that the person texting needs to wrap up whatever they are doing and prepare for their parents' arrival. It could be that they need to tidy up their room, finish homework or stop doing something they shouldn't be doing. Using PACHS in a text can help avoid any awkward situations where the parents arrive unexpectedly and catch the person doing something they shouldn't be.

Examples of PACHS used in texting:

1. "Hey, I need to go. PACHS! Talk to you later."
2. "Can you come over now? My parents are heading home soon so we have to finish this project quickly. PACHS!"
3. "Don't bring any snacks or drinks, my parents don't like it when we make a mess. PACHS, so hurry up!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pachs"

pachs :
parents are coming home soon

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