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gn :
good night

What does gn mean?

gn means "good night"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gn"

agn :
avgn :
Angry Video Game Nerd
bubar :
bushed up beyond all recognition
foobar :
f**ked up beyond all recognition
fubar :
f**ked up beyond all recognition
fubr :
f**ked Up Beyond Recognition
g2gn :
got to go now
ggnore :
good game no rematch
gn :
good night
gn8 :
good night
gnasd :
good night and sweet dreams
gndn :
Goes nowhere,does nothing
gnfpwlbn :
good news for people who love bad news
gng :
gng2 :
going to
gngbng :
gang bang
gnight :
good night
gnite :
good night
gnn :
get naked now
gno :
going to do
gnoc :
get naked on cam
gnos :
get naked on screen
gnr :
Guns n' roses
gnrn :
get naked right now
gnst :
goodnight sleep tight
gnstdltbbb :
good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite
gtgn :
got to go now
hagn :
have a good night
lgn :
link goes nowhere
omfgn :
Oh my f**king god noob
omgn :
oh my goodness
omgny :
oh my god no way
preggers :
prego :
sagn :
Spelling and Grammar Nazi
sig :
siggy :
snafubar :
Situation Normal All f**ked Up Beyond Any Recognition
tnlnsl :
Took nothing left nothing signed log
vgn :
Video Game Nerd
wbagnfarb :
would be a good name for a rock band
ymrasu :
Yes, My Retarded a** Signed Up

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