Definition & Meaning of "LGN"

What does lgn mean? View the definition of lgn and all related slang terms containing lgn below:

lgn :
link goes nowhere

Usage of LGN

LGN is an abbreviation that is often used in texting to indicate that a link does not lead to any content. It means 'link goes nowhere' and is commonly used when sharing links that are broken or no longer exist. This is a helpful way to inform the recipient that the link they are attempting to access will not work properly and to save them the time and frustration of clicking on a link that will not lead them to the intended content.

Example of LGN used in texting:
1. "Hey, I sent you that article earlier, but I just realized the website shut down. Sorry for the LGN."
2. "I clicked on the link you sent, but it showed an error page. Looks like it's LGN."
3. "I tried to check out that new store you recommended, but the website is down. LGN."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lgn"

lgn :
link goes nowhere

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