Definition & Meaning of "GGNORE"

What does ggnore mean? View the definition of ggnore and all related slang terms containing ggnore below:

ggnore :
good game no rematch

Usage of GGNORE

The abbreviation GGNORE is often used in online gaming to signal the end of a match. When one player declares "GGNORE," it means "good game no rematch" and is a way of acknowledging the skill of the other player while also indicating that they do not wish to play another round. This phrase can be seen as both gracious and dismissive, as it implies that the match was not worth playing again, but still acknowledges the ability of the opponent.

Example of GGNORE used in texting:
1. "Thanks for the match, GGNORE!"
2. "GGNORE, you played really well!"
3. "I'm done for the night, GGNORE and goodnight!"

These examples of GGNORE used in texting show how the abbreviation is a quick and efficient way to communicate a particular sentiment in online gaming communication. Whether it's signaling the end of a match, complimenting an opponent's skills, or ending a conversation for the night, GGNORE is an easy way to convey meaning with just a few letters.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ggnore"

ggnore :
good game no rematch

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