Definition & Meaning of "FN"

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fn :
first name

Usage of FN

The term 'FN' is an abbreviation used in texting and online communication, which means 'first name.' It is commonly used when someone wants to refer to someone else by their first name without having to type out the full name. In many cases, using this abbreviation helps to save time and keep messages concise.

Examples of FN used in texting:

1. Hey! What's your FN? I don't think I caught it earlier.
(Example of FN used in texting to ask for someone's first name.)

2. I saw your comment on the post, FN! I had no idea you were into photography.
(Example of FN used in texting to address someone by their first name.)

3. Can you please include your FN on the email you send me? That way, I have all the information I need at once.
(Example of FN used in texting to request someone's first name be included in an email.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fn"

bbfn :
Bye Bye for now
bffn :
best friends for now
bfn :
bye for now
bibifn :
bye bye for now
dayfn :
Didn't ask you for nothing
fn :
first name
fnar :
For No Apparent Reason
fnci :
fnny :
fnpr :
for no particular reason
fny :
gtgfn :
got to go for now
hfn :
Hell f**king no
istwfn :
I stole this word from
jfn :
just for now
kafn :
kill all f**king noobs
lfnar :
laughing for no aparent reason
ofn :
Old f**king News
on my God, what the f**k
rfn :
right f**king now
sifn't :
as if not
stfng :
search the f**king news group
tafn :
That's all for now
ttfn :
ta ta for now
tyfn :
thank you for nothing
wafn :
what a f**ken noob

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