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fn :
first name


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fn"

bbfn :
Bye Bye for now
bffn :
best friends for now
bfn :
bye for now
bibifn :
bye bye for now
fn :
first name
fnar :
For No Apparent Reason
fnci :
fnny :
fnpr :
for no particular reason
fny :
gtgfn :
got to go for now
hfn :
Hell f**king no
istwfn :
I stole this word from noslang.com
jfn :
just for now
kafn :
kill all f**king noobs
lfnar :
laughing for no aparent reason
ofn :
Old f**king News
on my God, what the f**k
rfn :
right f**king now
sifn't :
as if not
stfng :
search the f**king news group
tafn :
That's all for now
ttfn :
ta ta for now
tyfn :
thank you for nothing
wafn :
what a f**ken noob

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