Definition & Meaning of "BFFN"

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bffn :
best friends for now

Usage of BFFN

The abbreviation BFFN is a shortened way of saying 'best friends for now'. This is a term used to describe a friendship that may not necessarily last forever, but is still important and meaningful in the present. It can be used when two friends are going through a period of change, such as moving away, getting busy with work or school, or just growing apart. BFFN acknowledges that while the friendship may not be lifelong, it is still valued and cherished in the moment.

Example of BFFN used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Hey, I'm moving across the country next month."
Friend 2: "Oh wow, gonna miss you. BFFN."
2. Friend 1: "I can't hang out tonight, got a big project due tomorrow."
Friend 2: "No worries, BFFN. Good luck with your project!"
3. Friend 1: "Feels like we haven't talked in forever."
Friend 2: "I know, life's been crazy. But we're BFFN, we'll always make time for each other."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bffn"

bffn :
best friends for now

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