Definition & Meaning of "FNPR"

What does fnpr mean? View the definition of fnpr and all related slang terms containing fnpr below:

fnpr :
for no particular reason

Usage of FNPR

The abbreviation FNPR is commonly used in texting to indicate that an action or message is being conveyed without any specific reason or purpose. It is often used to express a casual or lighthearted tone in conversations. For instance, if someone sends you a random meme or GIF, they might follow it up with FNPR to indicate that they are sending it without any particular agenda.

Examples of FNPR used in texting:
1. Hey, I just saw this cute dog on the street and it reminded me of you. FNPR
2. Do you want to come over and watch movies tonight? I don't have anything planned, just thought it would be fun. FNPR
3. I bought you your favorite candy bar on my way home from work today. FNPR

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fnpr"

fnpr :
for no particular reason

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