Definition & Meaning of "BIBIFN"

What does bibifn mean? View the definition of bibifn and all related slang terms containing bibifn below:

bibifn :
bye bye for now

Usage of BIBIFN

The abbreviation BIBIFN stands for 'bye bye for now.' It is a commonly used phrase in informal texting to signify a temporary farewell as opposed to a permanent one. It is often used when the person texting intends to speak with the recipient again in the near future. The abbreviation is particularly useful in texting, where every character counts and brevity is key to effective communication.

Examples of BIBIFN used in texting:

1) Hey, I'm about to head into a meeting. I'll talk to you later. BIBIFN.
2) It was great catching up with you, but I have to go. BIBIFN.
3) Sorry, I have to run, but we'll continue this conversation later. BIBIFN.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bibifn"

bibifn :
bye bye for now

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