Definition & Meaning of "EG"

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eg :
evil grin

Usage of EG

EG stands for Evil Grin, a phrase often used to express mischievous humor. It is usually accompanied by an emoticon such as ;) to help convey the intent of the phrase. Text messages often use EG as an abbreviation instead of typing out the full phrase. For example, one could text "I'm up to something ;)" and the recipient would interpret that as an evil grin.

Sample Text Messages:
1. "Just sent you an email with a surprise ;). EG"
2. "I can't believe I got away with that! EG"
3. "I have a plan to prank him - EG"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "eg"

*eg* :
evil grin
degmt :
Don't Even Give Me That
eg :
evil grin
Idegaf :
I don't even give a f**k
legit :
mego :
my eyes glaze over
negl :
not even going to lie
preggers :
prego :
seg :
s**t Eatin Grin
smeg :
vbeg :
very big evil grin
vweg :
very wicked evil grin
weg :
wicked evil grin

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