Definition & Meaning of "LEGIT"

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legit :

Usage of LEGIT

The abbreviation LEGIT is short for the word legitimate, which means something that is authentic, lawful, and conforms to the rules or standards. It is commonly used in informal communication, such as social media posts or text messages, to indicate that something is genuine and not fake or fraudulent.

Examples of LEGIT used in texting:

1. "OMG, did you see that video of the cat playing the piano? It's so cute! #LEGIT"
(Example of LEGIT used to indicate the authenticity and cuteness of a video)

2. "Hey, are you sure that concert is still happening tonight? I don't want to show up if it's not LEGIT."
(Example of LEGIT used to question the legitimacy of an event)

3. "I just got a text from a 'prince' in Nigeria asking for money. Is this for real or a scam? #legitquestion"
(Example of LEGIT used to emphasize the seriousness and validity of a question)

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legit :

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