Definition & Meaning of "SMEG"

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smeg :

Usage of SMEG

The abbreviation SMEG is a slang term used in text messaging and online communication as a substitute for the expletive "f**k". It is often used to express anger, frustration, or surprise in a casual or humorous way. The term originated from the 1990s British science fiction sitcom "Red Dwarf," where it was used as an expletive in place of "f**k" due to censorship rules.

Examples of SMEG used in texting:

1. "I can't believe I forgot my wallet at home again, SMEG!"
(Example of SMEG used to express frustration)

2. "SMEG, I just spilled coffee all over my new shirt."
(Example of SMEG used to express annoyance)

3. "SMEG, did you hear they canceled the concert we were going to?"
(Example of SMEG used to express surprise)

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smeg :

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