Definition & Meaning of "TFU"

What does tfu mean? View the definition of tfu and all related slang terms containing tfu below:

tfu :
that's f**ked up

Usage of TFU

The abbreviation TFU is typically used in informal conversations via text messaging as a shorthand way to convey that something is disturbing or wrong. It can be used to comment on any number of topics or situations, including news events, social issues, interpersonal interactions, or personal experiences. It is often used in a tone that expresses disbelief or outrage, as if the person sending the message cannot believe what they are learning or witnessing.

Example 1 (Examples of TFU used in texting):
Friend 1: Did you hear about that guy who got arrested for stealing from the food bank?
Friend 2: TFU, that's messed up.

Example 2 (Examples of TFU used in texting):
Sibling: Mom and Dad forgot my birthday again.
You: TFU, that's really unfair.

Example 3 (Examples of TFU used in texting):
Coworker 1: Did you see the news about that politician?
Coworker 2: Yeah, TFU, it's so disappointing.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tfu"

bstfu :
b***h shut the f**k up
ctfu :
cracking the f**k up
gtfu :
grow the f**k up
gtfuotb :
get the f**k up out this b***h
htfu :
Hurry the f**k up
iwtfu :
i want to f**k you
rtfu :
Ready the f**k up
stfu :
shut the f**k up
stfua :
shut the f**k up already
stfuah :
shut the f**k up a**h**e
stfuattdlagg :
shut the f**k up and take that d**k like a good girl
stfub :
shut the f**k up b***h
stfuda :
Shut the f**k up dumb ass
stfugbtw :
shut the f**k up and get back to work
stfun :
Shut the f**k up n****r
stfuogtfo :
Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out.
stfuppercut :
shut the f**k up
stfuyb :
shut the f**k up you b***h
stfuysoab :
shut the f**k up you son of a b***h
tfu :
that's f**ked up
tfu2baw :
time for you to buy a watch
wtfuah :
what the f**k you a**h**e
wtful :
What the f**k you loser

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