Definition & Meaning of "CTFU"

What does ctfu mean? View the definition of ctfu and all related slang terms containing ctfu below:

ctfu :
cracking the f**k up

Usage of CTFU

The abbreviation CTFU stands for 'cracking the f**k up'. This expression is used when someone is laughing so hard that it is difficult to control themselves. The expression is commonly used in text messaging and social media platforms to convey an extreme level of amusement or laughter.

Example of CTFU used in texting:

1) Friend: Did you see that video of the cat dancing to Gangnam style?
You: YES! CTFU, that was hilarious!

2) Friend: I just saw a man carrying a suitcase on his head!
You: That's crazy! CTFU, I can't stop laughing!

3) Friend: Did you hear about the time when my brother tripped over his own shoelaces?
You: Haha, no I haven't! CTFU, that sounds hilarious.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ctfu"

ctfu :
cracking the f**k up

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