Definition & Meaning of "ROFFLE"

What does roffle mean? View the definition of roffle and all related slang terms containing roffle below:

roffle :
rolling on the floor laughing

Usage of ROFFLE

The abbreviation ROFFLE is commonly used in texting and online messaging to express uncontrollable laughter. It stands for "rolling on the floor laughing" and is often used as a reaction to something that is funny or amusing. The phrase "rolling on the floor laughing" emphasizes the idea of being physically unable to control one's laughter, as if they are so amused that they have fallen to the ground and are rolling around in laughter.

Examples of ROFFLE used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Did you see that video of the cat playing the piano?
Friend 2: Yes! ROFFLE, that was hilarious.
2. Person 1: I just realized I've been pronouncing 'quinoa' wrong my entire life.
Person 2: ROFFLE, how did you think it was pronounced?
3. Friend 1: I tried to make a cake from scratch for the first time and it turned out terrible.
Friend 2: ROFFLE, at least you tried!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "roffle"

roffle :
rolling on the floor laughing
roffle out loud :
rolling on the floor laughing out loud
rofflecake :
rolling on the floor laughing
rofflecopters :
rolling on the floor with laughter
roffleol :
rolling on the floor laughing out loud
roffles :
rolling on floor laughing

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