Definition & Meaning of "ROFFLEOL"

What does roffleol mean? View the definition of roffleol and all related slang terms containing roffleol below:

roffleol :
rolling on the floor laughing out loud


The abbreviation ROFFLEOL is a humorous and informal way to express that something has made you laugh uncontrollably. It's a way of indicating that you are not just laughing, but that you've found something so funny that you're literally rolling on the floor while doing so. The abbreviation stands for 'rolling on the floor laughing out loud' and is commonly used in digital communication, including texting.

Examples of ROFFLEOL used in texting:

1. Friend A: "I just saw a squirrel riding a skateboard!"
Friend B: "ROFFLEOL, that's hilarious!"

2. Person 1: "What do you call an alligator wearing a vest?"
Person 2: "I don't know, what?"
Person 1: "An 'investi-gator'!"
Person 2: "ROFFLEOL, good one!"

3. Family member A: "I accidentally put salt in my coffee instead of sugar. Gross!"
Family member B: "ROFFLEOL, that's definitely not how you start your day!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "roffleol"

roffleol :
rolling on the floor laughing out loud

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