Definition & Meaning of "ROFFLES"

What does roffles mean? View the definition of roffles and all related slang terms containing roffles below:

roffles :
rolling on floor laughing

Usage of ROFFLES

ROFFLES is a commonly used abbreviation in texting and online conversations that stands for 'rolling on floor laughing'. This expression is often used to describe a situation or message that is extremely funny, causing the person to laugh so hard that they feel like they cannot control themselves. When someone uses ROFFLES, it means that the other person's message has left them in absolute hysterics.

Example of ROFFLES used in texting:
1. Friend A: "Did you hear about the time I accidentally wore my shirt inside out to work? I didn't realize it until my coworker pointed it out in the middle of a meeting..."
Friend B: "ROFFLES! That's hilarious!"
2. Person A: "I just watched a video of a cat trying to fit into a tiny box and failing miserably."
Person B: "ROFFLES! Cats are always up to something funny."
3. Friend A: "I can't stop laughing at this meme of a dog dressed up as a bumblebee for Halloween."
Friend B: "ROFFLES! That's too cute for words."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "roffles"

roffles :
rolling on floor laughing

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