Definition & Meaning of "ROFFLECOPTERS"

What does rofflecopters mean? View the definition of rofflecopters and all related slang terms containing rofflecopters below:

rofflecopters :
rolling on the floor with laughter


The abbreviation ROFFLECOPTERS is a slang term used to express uncontrollable laughter or a hilarious moment that one finds extremely amusing. The term is formed by combining the words 'rolling on the floor' and 'helicopters'. This abbreviation has become popular in recent years, particularly in texting or online conversations. People use it to express their amusement and joy when they come across something funny, like a joke or a meme, and they can't stop laughing. ROFFLECOPTERS is an efficient way to convey laughter without having to type out a full sentence.

Example of ROFFLECOPTERS used in texting:

1. Hey, did you see the video of the cat chasing its tail? ROFFLECOPTERS!
2. That was such a great pun! ROFFLECOPTERS right now
3. I just watched a blooper of a news anchor falling off his chair. ROFFLECOPTERS for days!

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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rofflecopters"

rofflecopters :
rolling on the floor with laughter

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