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oom :
Out of mana

What does oom mean?

oom means "Out of mana"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "oom"

aitr :
Adult in the room
boomm :
bored out of my mind
br :
brbbrb :
br right back bath room break
brbn2gbr :
Be right back, I need to go to the bathroom
btsoom :
Beats The s**t Out Of Me
fmir :
family member in room
g2g2tb :
got to go to the bathroom
goomh :
get out of my head
gtfoomf :
get the f**k out of my face
h2gtb :
have to go to the bathroom
h9 :
Husband in Room
ihtgttbwijd :
I have to go to the bathroom, wait I just did.
ihtutbr :
I have to use the bathroom
imr :
in my room
irhtgttbr :
I really have to go to the bathroom
kir :
kid in room
lbr :
little boy's room
lgr :
little girls room
loomm :
laughing out of my mind
mir :
mom in room
mlod :
mega laugh out loud of doom
oom :
Out of mana
oomf :
One of my followers
oomm :
out of my mind
pir :
parents in room
pirlos :
parent in room looking over shoulder
pitr :
parent in the room
pitrtul :
parents in the room text you later
rhgir :
really hot guy in room
rm :
rr :
rest room
rrb :
restroom break
sfwuz :
safe for work until zoomed
sibir :
sibling in room
suagooml :
shut up and get out of my life
w911 :
Wife in room

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