Definition & Meaning of "OOMM"

What does oomm mean? View the definition of oomm and all related slang terms containing oomm below:

oomm :
out of my mind

Usage of OOMM

The abbreviation OOMM is commonly used in texting and means 'out of my mind'. It is usually used to express feelings of being overwhelmed, confused, or even crazy. When people use OOMM in their texts, they are trying to convey that their thoughts and emotions are all over the place, and they can't seem to make sense of anything.

Examples of OOMM used in texting:

1) "I have a huge exam tomorrow, and I haven't studied at all. I'm OOMM!"
2) "This project is due in 2 days, and I haven't even started. I'm OOMM right now!"
3) "I just found out my ex is dating my best friend. I'm OOMM, I can't believe this is happening."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "oomm"

boomm :
bored out of my mind
loomm :
laughing out of my mind
oomm :
out of my mind

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