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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mi"

admin :
amiic :
ask me if i care
amiigaf :
ask me if i give a f**k
asarbambtaa :
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bbiam :
be back in a minute
bbilfm :
be back in like five minutes
bbim :
Be Back In Minute
boomm :
bored out of my mind
cmiiw :
correct me if I'm wrong
cmitm :
Call me in the morning
comin' :
ctpc :
cant talk parent(s) coming
cwmaos :
coffee with milk and one sugar
dhcp :
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
dmi :
don't mention it
dym :
Do you mind
dymm :
do you miss me
eot :
end of transmission
fam :
fmi :
for my information
fmir :
family member in room
fmita :
f**k me in the ass
fpmitap :
federal pound me in the ass prison
g2gpc :
got 2 go parents coming
gimmie :
give me
gmilf :
grandmother i'd like to f**k
gmta :
great minds think alike
gsave :
global struggle against violent extremists
gtgmmiloms :
got to go my mum is looking over my shoulder
hbuf :
how about your family
homie :
good friend
icymi :
in case you missed it
idm :
I don't mind
ilysmih :
i love you so much it hurts
imu :
i miss you
imusm :
I miss you so much
imwtk :
Inquiring minds want to know
imy :
I miss you
imy2 :
i miss you to
imya :
i miss you already
imysfm :
i miss you so f**king much
intpftpotm :
I nominate this post for the post of the month
iwmu :
i will miss you
iwmy :
i will miss you
iydmma :
if you don't mind me asking
jom :
just one minuite
jtumltk :
just thought you might like to know
kmu :
Kinda miss you
lmip :
lmirl :
Let's meet in real life
lmtd :
loomm :
laughing out of my mind
lshmson :
laughing so hard milk shot out nose
lsmih :
laughing so much it hurts
lumumi :
Love you miss you mean it
lymi :
love you mean it
m$ :
m$wxp :
Microsoft Windows XP
m.i.a :
Missing In Action
m9 :
mcse :
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
mia :
Missing In Action
mic :
miid :
my internet is down
milf :
Mom i'd like to f**k
miltf :
Mom I'd like to f**k
min :
mins :
miq :
make it quick
mir :
mom in room
mirl :
meet in real life
misc. :
miself :
mite :
miw :
mom is watching
miwnlf :
mom I would not like to f**k.
mlc :
mid life crisis
mle :
mlg :
Major League Gaming
mmiw :
my mom is watching
mnm :
mph :
miles per hour
msie :
microsoft's internet explorer
msv :
Microsoft Vista
mu :
miss you
mul :
miss you lots
musm :
Miss You So Much
mwsmirl :
maybe we should meet in real life
myaly :
miss you and love you
myfb :
mind your f**king business
myn :
myob :
mind your own business
myodb :
mind your own damn business
myofb :
mind your own f**king business
mysm :
Miss you so much
n/m :
natm :
not at the minute
nevm :
never mind
noaa :
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
nvm :
never mind
nvmd :
nvmdt :
never mind then
nvmt :
nevermind that
nvrm :
nvrmnd :
never mind
oohm :
out of his/her mind
oomm :
out of my mind
ooym :
out of your mind
pach :
parents are coming home
pachs :
parents are coming home soon
pmita :
pound me in the ass
pmitap :
pound me in the ass prison
posmbri :
parent over shoulder might be reading it
roflmiaha :
Rolling on the floor laughing myself into a heart attack
rotflaviab :
rolling on the floor laughing and vomiting in a bucket
*s* :
seo :
Search Engine Optimization
shmily :
see how much i love you
smho :
Screaming My Head Off
smithwaws :
Smack me in the head with a wooden spoon
smst :
somebody missed snack time
sof :
smile on face
std :
sexually transmitted disease
stm :
smiling to myself
summin :
tcp :
transmission control protocol
tcp/ip :
transmission control protocol/internet protocol
tmi :
too much information
ttyiam :
talk to you in a minute
typo :
typing mistake
w8am :
wait a minute
wafm :
wait a f**king minute
wam :
wait a minute
waycb :
when are you coming back
wdim :
What Did I miss
witwct :
What is the world coming too
woum :
what's on your mind
wrm :
which reminds me
wtmi :
way too much information
wygam :
When you get a minute
xyz :
examine your zipper
xyzpdq :
Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick
Love You, Miss You, Want You
ymiaw :
your mom is a w***e
ymislidi :
you make it sound like i did it
ymmv :
your mileage may vary
ypom :
your place or mine

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