Definition & Meaning of "KK"

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kk :

Usage of KK

The abbreviation KK is used in texting to convey an affirmative response, similar to how we might use "ok." It is a way of acknowledging what the other person said or agreeing with them. It is often used as a quick and efficient way of communicating agreement or confirmation.

Example 1:
Person A: Hey, are you free tonight?
Person B: KK, what time?

Example 2:
Person A: Did you get the email I sent?
Person B: KK, I'll check my inbox.

Example 3:
Person A: Want to grab lunch tomorrow?
Person B: KK, sounds good.

Examples of KK used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kk"

bakk :
bukket :
fukk :
fukkin :
kkk :
ku klux klan
kkthnxbye :
okay thanks bye
kky :
omgukk :
oh my god you killed kenny
omgykkyb :
oh my god you killed kenny you b*****ds

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