Definition & Meaning of "BUKKET"

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bukket :

Usage of BUKKET

The slang term "BUKKET" is an abbreviation of the word "bucket." A bucket is a container that can be used to hold water, food, or other items. In popular culture, the term has been used to refer to various things, including a type of smoking device, a water pipe or bong. The term "BUKKET" has also been used as a catchphrase, with people often saying it when something unexpected happens.

Examples of BUKKET used in texting:

1. "I can't believe we finished the whole pizza in one sitting. Time to hit the BUKKET!" Example of BUKKET used in texting to refer to a container or a bucket.

2. "I'm so bored, I'm thinking of hitting the BUKKET and watching movies all day." Example of BUKKET used in texting as a euphemism for smoking device or a water pipe.

3. "Just got a surprise bonus at work! Time to hit the BUKKET and celebrate!" Example of BUKKET used in texting as a catchphrase expressing excitement or surprise.

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bukket :

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