Definition & Meaning of "FUKKIN"

What does fukkin mean? View the definition of fukkin and all related slang terms containing fukkin below:

fukkin :

Usage of FUKKIN

"FUKKIN" is an abbreviation commonly used in texting, chat rooms, and social media to replace the word "f**king". The term "f**king" is a vulgar slang term that is used to emphasize or intensify something in a negative or positive way. The abbreviation "FUKKIN" is often used to convey a similar level of intensity as the full word.

Examples of FUKKIN used in texting:

1. I'm so FUKKIN tired today, I need to get some sleep soon. (Example of FUKKIN used in texting to emphasize exhaustion)

2. That concert was FUKKIN amazing! (Example of FUKKIN used in texting to express enthusiasm)

3. I can't believe he's still FUKKIN around with that girl after what she did to him. (Example of FUKKIN used in texting to express frustration or disapproval)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fukkin"

fukkin :

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