Definition & Meaning of "DP"

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dp :
display picture

Usage of DP

In texting, DP is an abbreviation used to refer to the display picture, which is the photo or image that appears in someone's profile on a social media platform or messaging app. It is a common term used to describe the visual representation of a person's online identity. Whenever someone changes their DP, it is often a way to showcase a new aspect of their life or share something interesting with their contacts.

Example 1 (DP used in texting):
Friend 1: Hey, have you seen Ashley's DP?
Friend 2: No, I haven't. What's she got now?

Example 2 (DP used in texting):
Friend 1: Just changed my DP. What do you think?
Friend 2: Looks great! When did you take that photo?

Example 3 (DP used in texting):
Friend 1: Can you help me pick out a new DP?
Friend 2: Sure, let me know what kind of look you're going for.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dp"

dndp :
Do not double post
dp :
display picture
dpmo :
don't piss me off
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
dprsd :
ssdp :
same s**t different pile
ydpos :
you dumb piece of s**t

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