Definition & Meaning of "DPRSD"

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dprsd :

Usage of DPRSD

The term DPRSD is a slang abbreviation used to describe a feeling of depression or sadness. People use this abbreviation to express their emotional state in a casual way with their friends or family members through text messages. It is essential to note that depression is a serious mental health condition, and if one is struggling with it, they should seek professional help immediately.

Examples of DPRSD used in texting:
1. I'm feeling really DPRSD lately, and I don't know how to shake it off. (Example of DPRSD used in texting)
2. She canceled our plans last minute, and I'm so DPRSD now. (Example of DPRSD used in texting)
3. My grades have been slipping, and it's making me DPRSD. (Example of DPRSD used in texting)

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dprsd :

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