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bn :

Usage of BN

The abbreviation 'BN' is a common shorthand for the word 'been'. It is often used in texting and casual online communication to save time and typing effort. The word 'been' refers to the past tense of the verb 'be' and can be used to indicate a completed action or to describe a state of existence that was true in the past.

Examples of BN used in texting:

1. "Hey, I haven't BN feeling well lately. Can we reschedule our plans for next week?" - Example of BN used in texting to express a past state of being unwell.

2. "I BN studying for my exams all week. I'm so tired!" - Example of BN used in texting to describe a completed action of studying.

3. "I haven't BN to that restaurant before, but I've heard good things. Let's check it out!" - Example of BN used in texting to express a past state of not having visited a restaurant before.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bn"

bbn :
be back never
bn :
bndm3ovr :
Bend me over
bng :
bnib :
Brand new in Box
bnol :
be nice or leave
bnr :
brbn2gbr :
Be right back, I need to go to the bathroom
gbnf :
Gone but not forgotten
gnfpwlbn :
good news for people who love bad news
gngbng :
gang bang
hwmnbn :
he who must not be named
lbnr :
laughing but not really
lgbnaf :
lets get butt naked and f**k
ntbn :
no text-back needed
Obnr :
Open but no reply
tbnt :
thanks but no thanks

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