Definition & Meaning of "NTBN"

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ntbn :
no text-back needed

Usage of NTBN

The abbreviation NTBN is commonly used in texting and social media platforms. It stands for 'no text-back needed'. It is used to indicate that the message being sent does not require a response. This could be when someone is sharing an update, telling a joke or sending a meme. The use of NTBN helps to reduce unnecessary communication and allows for a quick exchange of information without the need for follow-up messages.

Example of NTBN used in texting:
1) Person A: Just wanted to let you know that I made it to the meeting on time.
Person B: Great to hear. NTBN.

2) Person A: Check out this hilarious video!
Person B: Haha, that's so funny. NTBN.

3) Person A: Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day.
Person B: Thank you so much! NTBN.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ntbn"

ntbn :
no text-back needed

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