Definition & Meaning of "BNDM3OVR"

What does bndm3ovr mean? View the definition of bndm3ovr and all related slang terms containing bndm3ovr below:

bndm3ovr :
Bend me over

Usage of BNDM3OVR

The abbreviation "BNDM3OVR" is a slang phrase that is commonly used in texting and online conversations. The phrase "bend me over" is what the abbreviation stands for, which refers to the act of being submissive or sexually suggestive. This phrase is typically used between two people who have a mutual attraction or desire to engage in sexual activities.

Example of BNDM3OVR used in texting:
1. Person A: "I can't stop thinking about you."
Person B: "Oh really? How about you come over and BNDM3OVR?"
2. Person A: "What are you in the mood for tonight?"
Person B: "I'm feeling adventurous, how about we try BNDM3OVR?"
3. Person A: "I've been a bad boy/girl, I need to be punished."
Person B: "How about I BNDM3OVR and teach you a lesson?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bndm3ovr"

bndm3ovr :
Bend me over

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