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yu :

Usage of YU

The abbreviation YU is a shorthand way of saying 'You'. It's commonly used in texting as a quick and informal way to refer to the person you're communicating with. In casual conversations or when using social media, YU can be used in place of the full word 'You' to save time and effort.

Example 1:
Person 1: "Hey YU, what are you up to later?"
Person 2: "Nothing much, just hanging out at home. Why, what's up?"

Example 2:
Person 1: "YU were right about that restaurant, it was amazing!"
Person 2: "I'm glad YU liked it! What did YU order?"

Example 3:
Person 1: "Hey YU, can YU help me with my math homework?"
Person 2: "Sure, I can help YU out. What do YU need help with?"

Examples of YU used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "yu"

cyu :
see you
fyu :
f**k you up
Hyu :
Hit you up
nggyunglyd :
Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Let You Down
syu :
sex you up
wayut :
what are you up to
Wyut :
What you up to
yu :
yua :
you ugly ass
yur :
yust :
why you say that

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