Definition & Meaning of "VFM"

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vfm :
value for money

Usage of VFM

VFM is an abbreviation that stands for 'value for money'. It is a term used to describe the worth or quality of a product or service relative to its price. In other words, it refers to the satisfaction one gets from a purchase compared to the amount of money spent.

Examples of VFM used in texting:

1. Hey, have you tried that new restaurant downtown? Their lunch specials are amazing - great VFM!
(Example of VFM used in reference to a restaurant's pricing and quality of food.)

2. I just bought a new laptop, it was a bit pricier than I wanted to spend but the specs and features are definitely VFM.
(Example of VFM used to justify the cost of a higher-priced item based on its value.)

3. Thanks for recommending that online store, I got some great deals on clothes and accessories - total VFM!
(Example of VFM used to express satisfaction with a shopping experience and the good deals found.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "vfm"

vfm :
value for money

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