Definition & Meaning of "ISG"

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isg :
I speak geek

Usage of ISG

The abbreviation ISG stands for 'I speak geek' which means that the person is knowledgeable and fluent in technical or computer-related issues. If someone claims that they speak geek, it means that they understand and can communicate well in the language of technology. It is a great asset to have such skills in today's rapidly advancing technological world.

Example 1 of ISG used in texting:
Person A: Hey, my computer just crashed! Do you know how to fix it?
Person B: Sure thing! ISG, let me take a look at it for you.

Example 2 of ISG used in texting:
Person A: I have no idea how to set up this new software on my laptop.
Person B: No worries, ISG. I can help you install and configure it properly.

Example 3 of ISG used in texting:
Person A: This error message keeps popping up on my screen, what does it mean?
Person B: Don't panic, ISG. I'll troubleshoot the issue and find a solution for you.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "isg"

isg :
I speak geek
tisg :
this is so gay

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