Definition & Meaning of "PB"

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pb :
peanut butter

Usage of PB

PB is an abbreviation for peanut butter, a popular spread that is made from ground peanuts. It is often used as a filling for sandwiches, a dip for fruits and vegetables, or as an ingredient in baking.

Example of PB used in texting:

1. Hey, can you pick up some PB at the grocery store? I want to make peanut butter cookies. (Example of PB used in texting for grocery shopping)

2. I'm having a PB&J sandwich for lunch. It's the perfect comfort food. (Example of PB used in texting for food)

3. My dog loves PB treats. They're his favorite reward for good behavior. (Example of PB used in texting for pets)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pb"

gpb :
gotta pee bad
hpb :
high ping b*****d
lpb :
low ping b*****d
mpbis :
most popular boy in school
pb :
peanut butter
pb&j :
peanut butter and jelly
pbb :
parent behind back
pbcakb :
problem between chair and keyboard
pbj :
peanut butter and jelly
pbjt :
peanut butter jelly time
pbkc :
Problem between keyboard & chair
pbly :
pbm :
parent behind me
pbp :
Please Be Patient
tpb :
the pirate bay

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