Definition & Meaning of "PBP"

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pbp :
Please Be Patient

Usage of PBP

The abbreviation PBP stands for 'Please Be Patient'. It is commonly used in texting when someone is waiting for a response or for something to be done. It is a polite way of asking the recipient to wait for a little while until the message is delivered or the task is completed.

Example of PBP used in texting:
1. Text Message 1: Hey, can you pick me up from the airport at 4pm? I'll be landing soon. PBP, I just need to finish some work before leaving the office.
2. Text Message 2: Sorry for the delay, I'm trying to find the file you asked for. PBP, it won't take long.
3. Text Message 3: I'm running a little late for our meeting. PBP, there was a traffic jam on the way.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pbp"

pbp :
Please Be Patient

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