Definition & Meaning of "MUSIQ"

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musiq :

Usage of MUSIQ

The term MUSIQ is a slang way of saying 'music' and is often used in texts or informal conversations. It is derived from the word 'music' but with the addition of the letter 'q' to replace the 'c' to give it a unique spelling. The use of this abbreviation allows for easier and faster communication as it saves time and effort in typing out the entire word. It is commonly used among young people and music enthusiasts.

Examples of MUSIQ used in texting:
1. Hey, have you heard the new album by Post Malone? It's fire! #MUSIQ
2. I'm so excited to go to the MUSIQ festival this weekend!
3. I need to update my playlist with some new MUSIQ, any recommendations?

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musiq :

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