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mor :

Usage of MOR

The abbreviation MOR is commonly used in text messaging and social media to represent the word "more." It is a convenient way to save time and effort while also making the message look concise and trendy. In general, people use MOR as a substitute for the word more when they want to express the idea of an increased amount, quantity, or degree.

Here are three examples of MOR used in texting:

1. Example of MOR used in texting:
Can you send me MOR pics of the beach?

In this example, the sender wants the recipient to send more pictures of the beach. They use MOR instead of more to save time and make the message look trendy.

2. Example of MOR used in texting:
I need MOR time to finish my work.

This message implies that the sender needs more time to complete their work. By using MOR instead of more, they make the message look short and clear.

3. Example of MOR used in texting:
Can't wait to see you MOR often!

In this example, the sender expresses their desire to meet the recipient more frequently. They use MOR instead of more for brevity and stylistic purposes.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mor"

2mora :
2moro :
2morow :
2morro :
2morrow :
2mor :
mmorpg :
massively multiplayer online role playing game
mor :
morf :
male or female
moro :
nemore :
tmoro :
tomoro :

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