Definition & Meaning of "MORF"

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morf :
male or female

Usage of MORF

The abbreviation "MORF" is used to mean "male or female." It is an inclusive term that acknowledges the fact that not everyone identifies as strictly male or female, and allows for greater fluidity in describing gender. The term is often used in conversations about gender identity, sexuality, and inclusivity.

Examples of MORF used in texting:

1. Do you know if your new coworker is MORF? I want to make sure I use the right pronouns when I talk about them. (Example of MORF used in texting to express inclusivity and respect for gender identity.)

2. The dating app I'm using lets me choose whether I'm interested in dating MORF or just males. It's nice to have that option! (Example of MORF used in texting to describe sexual orientation.)

3. I'm planning a clothing swap party and I want to make sure everyone feels welcome, regardless of whether they're MORF or not. (Example of MORF used in texting to show inclusivity.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "morf"

morf :
male or female

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