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nemore :

Usage of NEMORE

The word 'NEMORE' is a shortened form of 'anymore,' which means 'no longer.' It is commonly used in casual conversations as a way to express that something has ceased to be or is not happening anymore. For example, if someone were to ask if you still have a particular item, and you don't, you could respond with "NEMORE." This would inform the person that you no longer have the item they are asking for.

Examples of NEMORE used in texting:

1. Person A: Hey, have you been listening to that band we talked about?
Person B: NEMORE, I moved on to a new favorite.

2. Person A: Do you still work at the coffee shop down the street?
Person B: NEMORE, I quit last month.

3. Person A: Did you want to come over and hang out later?
Person B: Sorry, NEMORE. I have other plans tonight.

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nemore :

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