Definition & Meaning of "LMS"

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lms :
leave me some

Usage of LMS

The abbreviation LMS is commonly used in texting and social media conversations. The term stands for "Leave Me Some." It is often used to politely request for someone to share or give something to you. For instance, you may use the term LMS when asking a friend to leave you some food or to reserve you a seat at a party.

Here are three example text messages showing the abbreviation used as an abbreviation:

Example 1:

Friend 1: "Hey, I just made some pizza! Want some?"
You: "Yes please! LMS some pizza!"

Example 2:

Friend 1: "I'm going to the beach tomorrow. You coming?"
You: "Of course! LMS a spot in your car?"

Example 3:

Friend 1: "I have an extra ticket to the concert tonight, wanna come?"
You: "Absolutely! LMS the ticket!"

Examples of LMS used in texting can help streamline conversations by efficiently communicating requests or needs, without using lengthy sentences or explanations.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lms"

ilms :
I love my self
lms :
leave me some
lmsao :
laughing my sexy ass off
lmso :
laughing my socks off

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