Definition & Meaning of "LMSO"

What does lmso mean? View the definition of lmso and all related slang terms containing lmso below:

lmso :
laughing my socks off

Usage of LMSO

The abbreviation "LMSO" is a popular texting term that is commonly used to express amusement or humor in a humorous way. It stands for "laughing my socks off." The term implies that the person is so amused that their socks have been knocked off due to the intensity of their laughter. The expression can be used in any situation where something is genuinely funny or entertaining.

Examples of LMSO used in texting:
1. Person A: Did you see that video I sent you last night?
Person B: Yes! It was hilarious, LMSO!
2. Person A: I just dropped my pizza on the floor!
Person B: LMSO, that's terrible but also kind of funny!
3. Person A: I can't believe my mom just fell asleep during the movie.
Person B: LMSO, well at least now we can talk during the movie without her hearing us!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lmso"

lmso :
laughing my socks off

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