Definition & Meaning of "HMP"

What does hmp mean? View the definition of hmp and all related slang terms containing hmp below:

hmp :
help me please

Usage of HMP

The abbreviation HMP stands for "help me please". It is a commonly used abbreviation in text messaging when an individual requires assistance or is in distress. This abbreviation is often used because it is a quick and convenient way for individuals to communicate their need for help without having to type out an entire sentence. Whether someone is in a dangerous situation or just needs a bit of guidance, HMP has become a popular way to quickly seek assistance.

Example of HMP used in texting:
1. "I lost my phone and I'm lost. HMP!"
2. "I'm stuck in traffic and I'm going to be late for my meeting. HMP!"
3. "I think someone is following me. HMP, what do I do?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hmp"

hmp :
help me please
ihmp :
i hate my parents

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