Definition & Meaning of "HDYDT"

What does hdydt mean? View the definition of hdydt and all related slang terms containing hdydt below:

hdydt :
how did you do that

Usage of HDYDT

The abbreviation HDYDT is short for "how did you do that." It is used to express admiration or surprise when someone has accomplished something impressive or skilled. The abbreviation is often used in texting or messaging conversations where brevity is valued. It saves time and helps convey the intended meaning quickly and efficiently.

Examples of HDYDT used in texting:

1) Friend 1: Look at this amazing painting that I just finished!
Friend 2: Wow, HDYDT?! That's incredible!

2) Co-worker 1: I just finished the report ahead of schedule!
Co-worker 2: Impressive! HDYDT?

3) Sibling 1: I aced my calculus exam!
Sibling 2: That's awesome! HDYDT?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hdydt"

hdydt :
how did you do that
wthdydt :
why the hell did you do that

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