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han :
how about now


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "han"

10q :
thank you
10x :
2h2h :
too hot to handle
3q :
thank you
3u :
thank you
botoh :
but on the other hand
btcn :
Better than Chuck Norris
cts :
change the subject
ctt :
change the topic
cyff :
change your font, f**ker
dih :
d**k in hand
dth :
down to hang
errythang :
fxp :
file exchange protocol
han :
how about now
hj :
hand job
hoas :
Hang on a second
ilykthnxbai :
i love you k thanks bye
ilymtyk :
i love you more than you know
ilymtylm :
i love you more than you love me
iydhantsdsaaa :
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
jh :
Just hanging
jho :
just hanging out
kkthnxbye :
okay thanks bye
kthanxbi :
Okay, thanks. Bye.
kthnxbai :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthnxbye :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthx :
ok, thank you
kthxbai :
ok thanks bye!
kthxbi :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxbye :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxbye :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxgb :
ok thanks goodbye
kthxmn :
Ok Thanks Man
kthz :
ok thanks
ktnx :
Okay and Thanks
lmty :
laughing more than you
mtl :
more than likely
nh :
nice hand
nntst :
no need to say thanks
noty :
no thank you
nq :
Thank you
nty :
no thank you
omgty :
Oh my god thank you
otoh :
on the other hand
plx :
plzkthx :
Please? OK, Thank you
plzthx :
please? Thanks
poscs :
parents over sholder change subject
rhs :
right hand side
susfu :
situation unchanged, still f**ked up
Tsm :
Thanks so much
t4a :
thanks for asking
ta :
thanks again
tal :
thanks a lot
tanq :
thank you
tbnt :
thanks but no thanks
tfft :
thank f**k for that
tfl :
Thanks For Looking
tfln :
thanx for last night
tfs :
thanks for sharing
tfta :
thanks for the add
tfti :
thanks for the information
tg :
thank god
tgft :
thank god for that
tgfuap :
thank god for unanswered prayers
tghig :
thank god husband is gone
tgif :
thank god it's friday
tgiff :
thank god its f**king Friday
tgis :
thank god it's saturday
tgiwjo :
Thank God It Was Just Once
tgsttttptct :
thank God someone took the time to put this crap together
tgwig :
thank god wife is gone
th4nk5 :
thankies :
Thank You
thankx :
thank you
thanq :
thank you
thanx :
thank you
thku :
thank you
thnx :
thx :
thank you
thxx :
thz :
thank you
tia :
thanks in advance
tiafayh :
Thanks in advance for all your help
tks :
tku :
thank you
tmth :
too much to handle
tmtoyh :
Too Much Time On Your Hands
tnx :
tnxz :
toh :
typing one handed
tq :
Thank You
ttth :
Talk To The Hand
ttya :
Thanks to you all
tu :
thank you
tuvm :
thank you very much
tvm :
thanks very much
twoh :
typing with one hand
tx :
txs :
ty :
thank you
tyfi :
Thank You for invite
tyfn :
thank you for nothing
tyfyc :
Thank You For Your Comment
tyfyt :
Thank you for your time
typ :
thank you partner
tysfm :
thank you so f**king much
tysm :
thank you so much
tysvm :
thank you so very much
tyty :
thank you thank you
tyvm :
Thank You Very Much
tyvvm :
thank you very very much
vgh :
Very good hand
vnh :
Very nice hand
w2ho :
want to hang out
wtho :
want to hang out?
wwygac :
write when you get a chance
wygac :
when you get a chance
yty :
why thank you

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