Definition & Meaning of "GBA"

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gba :
game boy advance

Usage of GBA

The Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a handheld video game console that was manufactured by Nintendo. It was released in 2001 as a successor to the Game Boy Color, and it quickly became popular due to its improved graphics, larger screen, and better sound quality. The GBA was also backward compatible with previous generations of Game Boy games, making it a popular choice for gamers of all ages.

Examples of GBA used in texting:
1. Hey, do you have any good GBA games you can recommend?
2. I just found my old GBA console in a box. Let's play some games sometime!
3. Have you seen the new GBA emulator for Android? It lets you play all your favorite games on your phone!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gba"

gba :
game boy advance
sgbadq :
Search google before asking dumb questions
ugba :
you gay b***h ass

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