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Usage of FRI.

The abbreviation fri. is an abbreviation for the day of the week, Friday. It is commonly used in texting to save time and effort when referring to the last day of the workweek. The use of this abbreviation is particularly popular among young people who tend to rely on texting as their primary means of communication.

Examples of fri. used in texting:

1. "Hey, are we still meeting up for drinks tomorrow night? Can't wait for fri.!" - This text message shows how fri. can be used to refer to the coming Friday when making plans with friends.

2. "I'm sorry, I can't make it to your party on fri. I have a work deadline to meet." - In this text message, fri. is used to specify the day on which the sender is unable to attend a social event due to work commitments.

3. "Fri. night football games are my favorite! Can't wait to cheer on our team with you." - This text message highlights how fri. can be used to express excitement and enthusiasm for a specific activity that takes place on Fridays.

Examples of fri. used in texting

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