Definition & Meaning of "FRGT"

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frgt :

Usage of FRGT

The abbreviation FRGT is commonly used in texting to mean "forgot." This abbreviation can be used when someone forgets a task, event or item. It can also be used to apologize for forgetting something or to ask if someone has forgotten something important. In some cases, FRGT can be used as a friendly reminder to someone who may have forgotten to do something.

Example of FRGT used in texting:
1) Hey, can you bring my charger to school? I FRGT mine.
2) FRGT to grab the keys before leaving, can you bring them to me?
3) Sorry, I FRGT your birthday was yesterday. Happy Belated Birthday!

These examples show that FRGT is a quick and convenient way to communicate that someone has forgotten something. It can be used in various situations and can save time in typing a longer message.

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frgt :

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