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ey :


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ey"

$$ :
$46 :
money for sex
3arc :
4yeo :
For Your Eyes Only
afk :
away from keyboard
afkb :
away from keyboard
aiamu :
and I'm a monkey's uncle
asarbambtaa :
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bubar :
bushed up beyond all recognition
cmeo :
crying my eyes out
cye :
Close Your Eyes
c|n>k :
coffee through nose into keyboard
dbeyr :
don't believe everything you read
dey :
ey :
eyez :
fbgm :
f**k b***hes get money
foobar :
f**ked up beyond all recognition
fubah :
f**ked up beyond all hope
fubalm :
f**ked up beyond all local maintenance
fubar :
f**ked up beyond all recognition
fubb :
f**ked up beyond belief
fubh :
f**ked up beyond hope
fubr :
f**ked Up Beyond Recognition
fyeo :
For your eyes only
gfam :
Go f**k A Monkey
heyt :
heyy :
heyya :
hg :
homey :
hu :
Hey you
hun :
hwmbo :
he who must be obeyed
hwms :
hot wild monkey sex
hwu :
hey what's up
idbtwdsat :
I don't believe they would do such a thing
iebkac :
issue exists between keyboard and chair
ijcomk :
i just came on my keyboard
ijeomk :
I just ejaculated on my keybord
ijsabomomcibstg :
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico
jeomk :
Just ejaculated on my keyboard
lolwtime :
laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
mego :
my eyes glaze over
msmd :
monkey see - monkey do
nafkam :
Not Away From Keyboard Any More
nifok :
naked in front of keyboard
nmnhnlm :
no money, no honey, nobody loves me
oyfe :
Open Your f**king Eyes
pbcakb :
problem between chair and keyboard
pbkc :
Problem between keyboard & chair
pebcak :
Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard
pebkac :
problem exists between keyboard and chair
qq :
crying eyes
rme :
rolling my eyes
roflwtime :
Rolling on the Floor laughing with tears in my eyes
s4se :
Sight For Sore Eyes
snafubar :
Situation Normal All f**ked Up Beyond Any Recognition
swmbo :
she who must be obeyed
[email protected] :
the monkeys are at it again
vfm :
value for money
wombat :
waste of money, brains, and time
yomank :
you owe me a new keyboard

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