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don :
denial of normal

What does don mean?

don means "denial of normal"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "don"

abd :
Already Been Done
audy :
Are you done yet?
ayd :
are you done
aydy :
are you done yet
bah :
I don't really care
btdt :
been there done that
btdtgtts :
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
cid :
consider it done
cwd :
comment when done
d.w :
don't worry
d/w :
don't worry
dadt :
Don't ask. Don't tell.
damhik :
don't ask me how I know
damhikijk :
Don't Ask Me How I Know - I Just Know
damhikt :
don't ask me how I know this
dbab :
don't be a b***h
dbafwtt :
Don't Be A Fool Wrap The Tool
dbeyr :
don't believe everything you read
dbg :
don't be gay
dbh :
don't be hating
dbi :
Don't Beg It
dbm :
don't bother me
dc :
don't care
dd :
don't die
ddt :
Don't do that
degmt :
Don't Even Give Me That
dernoe :
I don't know
detai :
don't even think about it
dfc :
dftba :
don't forget to be awesome
dfu :
don't f**k up
dfw/m :
Don't f**k with Me
dfwm :
Don't f**k with Me
dfwmt :
Don't f**king waste my time
dg :
don't go
dga :
don't go anywhere
dgac :
don't give a crap
dgaf :
don't give a f**k
dgara :
don't give a rats ass
dgas :
Don't give a s**t
dgms :
Don't get me started
dgoai :
don't go on about it
dgt :
don't go there
dgu :
don't give up
dgypiab :
don't get your panties in a bunch
dhac :
Don't have a clue
dk :
don't know
dkdc :
don't know, don't care
dlibu :
Dont let it bother you
dln :
don't look now
dmi :
don't mention it
dmu :
don't mess up
dmwm :
don't mess with me
dmy :
don't mess yourself
dn :
don't know
dno :
don't know
dnt :
don :
denial of normal
doncha :
Don't you
donno :
don't know
dont :
dontcha :
don't you
dpmo :
don't piss me off
dqmot :
don't quote me on this
dqydj :
don't quit your day job
drc :
don't really care
dsu :
don't screw up
dta :
Don't Trust Anyone
dtb :
don't text back
dtp :
Don't Type Please
dts :
Don't think so
dttm :
don't talk to me
dttml :
don't talk to me loser
dttpou :
Don't tell the police on us
dttriaa :
don't tell the RIAA
dun :
dunna :
i don't know
dunno :
I don't know
duno :
don't know
dutma :
don't you text me again
dw :
don't worry
dwai :
don't worry about it
dwbh :
don't worry, be happy
dwbi :
Don't worry about it.
dwmt :
don't waste my time
dwt :
don't wanna talk
dwy :
don't wet yourself
dyec :
Don't You Ever Care
dyt :
Don't you think
dyw :
don't you worry
Idkwtfytb :
I dont know what the f**k you're talking about
gnstdltbbb :
good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite
gsd :
getting s**t done
hhiadb :
Holy Hole in a Donut Batman
hldon :
hold on
idac :
I don't actually care
idak :
i don't actually know
idbtwdsat :
I don't believe they would do such a thing
idby :
I Don't Believe You
idc :
I don't care
idec :
I don't even care
idek :
I don't even know
idfc :
i don't f**king care
idfk :
i don't f**king know
idfts :
I don't f**king think so
idgac :
i don't give a crap
idgad :
I don't give a damn
idgaf :
i don't give a f**k
idgaff :
I don't give a flying f**k
idgafs :
I don't give a f**king s**t
idgara :
I don't give a rat's ass
idgas :
i don't give a s**t
idgi :
I don't get it
idk :
I don't know
idkbibt :
I don't know but I've Been Told
idke :
I don't know ethier
idkh :
I don't know how
idkh2s :
i don't know how to spell
idkt :
I don't know that
idkw :
I don't know why
idkwiwdwu :
I don't know what I would do without you
idkwts :
I don't know what to say
idkwurta :
I don't know what you are talking about.
idkwym :
I don't know what you mean
idky :
I don't know you
idkyb :
i don't know why but
idl :
I don't like
idli :
I don't like it
idlu :
i don't like you
idly :
I don't like you
idlyitw :
i don't like you in that way
idm :
I don't mind
idn :
i don't know
idnk :
i don't know
idntk :
i dont need to know
idonno :
i do not know
idr :
I don't remember
idrc :
i don't really care
idrfk :
I don't really f**king know
idrgaf :
I don't really give a f**k
idrgaff :
i don't really give a flying f**k
idrk :
i don't really know
idrts :
I don't really think so
idsw :
i don't see why
idtis :
I don't think I should
idtkso :
i don't think so
idts :
i don't think so
idu :
I don't understand
iduwym :
I don't understand what you mean.
idw2 :
I don't want to
idw2n :
i don't want to know
idwk :
I don't wanna know
idwt :
i don't want to
idwtg :
I don't want to go
ijdk :
I just don't know
ilybtid :
I Love You But Then I Don't
ilysmydek :
I Love You So Much You Don't Even Know
ionno :
I don't know
iono :
I don't know
irdc :
I really don't care
irdgaf :
i really don't give a f**k
irdk :
I really don't know
isdc :
I so don't care
iunno :
I don't know
iydhantsdsaaa :
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
iydmma :
if you don't mind me asking
jalaudlm :
just as long as you don't leave me
kwtsds :
Kiss where the sun don't shine
mcds :
mgiwjsdchmw :
my girlfriend is watching jeff so don't call her my wife
pmfji :
Pardon me for jumping in
Irdfc :
I really don't f**king care
tmsidk :
tell me somthing I don't know
udc :
you don't care
udcbm :
You Don't Care About Me
udek :
you don't even know
udwk :
you don't want to know
udy :
you done yet
vwd :
very well done
wd :
well done
wdk :
We Don't Know
whyd :
What Have You Done

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