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biz :

Usage of BIZ

The term 'BIZ' is a slang abbreviation for the word 'business'. It is commonly used in texting and other informal communication to refer to commercial or professional activities, operations, or opportunities. The use of 'BIZ' allows for faster and more efficient communication, especially when discussing matters related to work, commerce, and finance.

Examples of BIZ used in texting:

1. Hi! I can't talk right now. I'm in a meeting discussing some serious BIZ. I'll call you back later. (Example of BIZ used to refer to a professional meeting)

2. Do you want to grab lunch and chat about BIZ? I have some ideas about a new venture we could start together. (Example of BIZ used to refer to business ideas and opportunities)

3. Hey, sorry to bother you, but do you know anyone who's good at digital marketing? We need someone who can help us boost our online BIZ. (Example of BIZ used to refer to commercial activities and operations)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "biz"

biz :
bizi :

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