Definition & Meaning of "BBF"

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bbf :
best boy friend

Usage of BBF

The abbreviation BBF refers to 'best boy friend' and is used to describe a close male friend who is seen as more than just a friend, but not necessarily a romantic partner. A BBF is someone who you can confide in, have fun with, and rely on for support and advice, just like a best friend of any gender.

Examples of BBF used in texting:

1. Hey, want to hang out today? Just me and my BBF are going to the movies, and we thought you might want to join us.
(Example of BBF used to refer to a close male friend)

2. I'm so glad I have my BBF to talk to. He always knows just what to say when I'm feeling down.
(Example of BBF used to emphasize the closeness of a male friendship)

3. Just had an amazing night out with my BBF! We went to this cool new bar and danced all night.
(Example of BBF used to describe spending quality time with a close male friend)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bbf"

bbf :
best boy friend
bbfn :
Bye Bye for now
bbfs :
best boyfriends
bbfu :
be back for you

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