Definition & Meaning of "ASL"

What does asl mean? View the definition of asl and all related slang terms containing asl below:

asl :
age, sex, location

Usage of ASL

The abbreviation ASL is commonly used in texting and online chatting to ask about someone's basic information. ASL stands for age, sex, and location. When someone asks ASL, it means they want to know how old you are, your gender, and where you are located.

Example 1 of ASL used in texting:
Hey! I'm new here. ASL?

Example 2 of ASL used in texting:
I don't want to be too forward, but can I ask your ASL?

Example 3 of ASL used in texting:
I'm trying to match you with someone, can you give me your ASL?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "asl"

asl :
age, sex, location
asln :
age, sex, location, name
aslo :
age sex location orientation
aslop :
Age Sex Location Orientation Picture
aslp :
age, sex, location, picture
aslr :
age sex location race
aslrp :
age, sex, location, race, picture

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